Taste Mentors Team



We can brag a little, because  we have a team full of experience,
which can enhance your business, restaurant,
the catering line, or any other type of business in the HoreCa area


Inventive Chefs

are the most sought after, because they will constantly create new recipes, new cooking techniques, which will certainly add value to any a la carte menu or event.

Top performance

are obtained by working with top chefs

We are a well-cohesive team, working together long enough for you, our clients, to have the guarantee that you will evolve with us beautifully and harmoniously.

Taste Mentors - Team

Chef Agape Marius

Gastronomic expert, Antrepreneur

We created “Taste Mentors” because the Romanian market

needs competent people,
well educated and specialized, to form the generations that come to provide services in the gastronomic sphere.

I believe that we can offer consulting with very well developed programs, so that all our clients can evolve efficiently,
the main beneficiary of this effort being, obviously, the final client – the consumer.

Taste Mentors - Team

hef Liviu Preda

Liviu Preda cooked for the first time at the age of 4-5,, due to a territorial rooster (turned into soup). In high school he somewhat predicted his gastronomic destiny, realizing that he would not be able to live on the food from the dormitory where he lived.

As he likes to say, he always knew he wanted to cook, but he didn’t know he wanted to be a cook. Which is why he went through several other attempts: translator, receptionist, bartender or waiter, builder or entrepreneur.

Unsuccessful attempts, fortunatelycreated the space for chef’s record.

Among other things, it includes a silver medal at the World Gastronomy Show in Luxembourg in 2014, the winning place at the Arena Chefs in 2015

and 4th place in Europe won at the International Global Chef competition,

held in Prague in 2015.

He is part of the Mentors of Taste team from 2019.

Taste Mentors - Team

Lungu Cerasela

Master in Culinary Arts

Lungu Cerasela started his career in 1989, going through all the necessary stages to become a Master in Culinary Arts and a medalist at the Gastronomic Olympics in 2016 and 2020.

She is one of the key members of our team, her expertise is more than needed to form the new generations of chefs.

Taste Mentors - Team

Popa Florin


Florin Popa is besides the Chef and the director of ANBCT on the area of Moldova. ANBCT is the Romanian Chefs Association.

He reached a high professional level through a lot of work and dedication and this can be seen in all the plating performed with great skill every time.

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